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Why do I need a Rental Property Agent?

A quiet achiever, experts continue to predict Adelaide’s investment property boom. Within interest in the market set to grow, we can help you secure the best property agent before the rush; helping you to achieve the best returns from your Adelaide property investment.

Property management today is not restricted to maintenance and rental management. The concept now includes strategic planning and implementation, ensuring that the owner gains maximum value and returns from their investment.

What service should I expect from a standard Rental Agent?

Your professional property agent will manage your investment property, from sourcing the right tenant, conducting background checks, managing any tribunal or legal matters, and collecting your rent.

What service should the right Rental Agent provide?

The right property agent should be focused on achieving you the best possible return on your investment through:

  • Reviewing the market and determining an accurate rent;
  • Evaluating the property and offering suggestions to improve desirability;
  • Access to a network of proven tenants;
  • Annual Market Reviews;
  • Understanding the needs and wants of the owner, and ensuring they’re met – including timely communication.

How can Property Boss help to ensure I select the best Property Agent?

Property Boss makes it easy to choose from high quality Property Managers in Adelaide and Australia-wide.

Formed in 2012, Property Boss is a premium service which empowers investors through choice, clarity and comparison in an area which is traditionally limited in this regard.

At Property Boss, we conduct a stringent selection process ensuring our agency partners meet our standards of service. Areas such as manager to client ratio’s, staff education and knowledge and client feedback are assessed in order to select only the best agencies for referral to investment property owners.

We can provide you with quotes, management proposals and company profiles from local agents for you to review – saving you time and money, and placing the power of comparison and choice in your hands.

Our service is free and you have no obligation to choose a property agent that is recommended to you. To receive proposals from our Property Agents, get started here.

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